I’m currently working with an awesome group of women doing Bible research. Our oldest member is in her ‘70s and our youngest is 15. The younger one came in today and said she’d been through the whole Bible again, on a two-week car trip with her family, and proceeded to add enormously to our work, as she always does. What a gift.

Speaking of gifts, I’m reading God’s Word to Women* by Katharine C. Bushnell. And speaking of contributors to Bible study, she’s another one. Her work has slipped under the radar over the years, and it shouldn’t have. She reminds me of Barclay, not only because of clear faith and a lively intellect, but also because her thoughts are accessible, backed up, and well stated. Things make sense, although I don’t think Barclay would be in her corner on some items (just supposing:).

Born in 1856, Bushnell was a “brilliant scholar and passionate advocate for the oppressed.” An MD who worked in China, she also battled against prostitution in Wisconsin and China, toiled for social reform through the Christian Women’s Temperance Union, and examined the opium trade between India and China. Somewhat of a Renaissance woman, it would appear — bright, literate and a person of many interests — and translating from original Bible texts. Apparently the work kept her busy on long sea voyages.

I recommend the book. Let’s see, her work has been in the public sphere for over 100 years now. Our 15 year old is just beginning her life’s work, although she seems wise beyond her years. My hope and prayer is that their work still keeps making a difference, long into the future.


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