Dedicated to all vestry members who give tirelessly to make their congregations strong and holy, their buildings hospitable and rugged, and their hearts a place where God is loved…

Doing Holy Business:
The Best of Vestry Papers

This collection of the “Best of Vestry Papers” offers church leaders a convenient reference filled with expert advice of useful tips on church management, grounded in faith and prayer. Topics include: Spiritual leadership, Christian formation, Hospitality, Church Finances, Parish Dynamics, Vestry Responsibilities and Buildings and Grounds.

Excerpt from Doing Holy Business: The Best of the Vestry Papers

Perhaps it’s ironic that this book starts with a chapter on church growth. After all, lots of other things are normally on the front burners for vestries: financial stability, church attendance, pledging, buildings and grounds.


Truth be told, we’re taking our clue here from Jesus. Like bookends, his words and actions inviting others into the Christian life opened and closed his earthly ministry. So we figure there can’t be a better starting point.


Have courage. Have fun. And most of all, have faith.