At times I was moved to tears by the heartfelt simplicity of their thoughts. At others it seemed they were reading my diary. Nicely done.

Marylee Lannon, Amazon Review

Good Lord, Deliver Us:
A Lenten Journey

Guided by the heart and vision of Thomas Cranmer’s Great Litany, (yes this was the beloved Anglican figure who was burnt at the stake under the wrath of bloody Queen Mary), Leonard Freeman and Lindsay Hardin Freeman explore the many ways in which deliverance comes to us. Like the Great Litany itself, their reflections speak of human frailty and holy grace, the longings and aspirations of our human hearts, and of the transformative power of God’s abiding love.

Excerpt from Good Lord,
Deliver Us

From Thomas Cranmer’s Great Litany
That it may please thee to inspire us, in our several callings, to do the work which thou givest us to do with singleness of heart as thy servants, and for the common good.


We beseech thee to hear us, good Lord.


In our “several callings.” When I first approached retirement, I had a limited sense of call. I realize that now. After forty years of ordained ministry I saw that as my call, and I was anxious about leaving my call behind. Looking back, it is clear how misled I was…All along I have been called—to be a father to my children, a support to my spouse, a writer, a doer of laundry and shopping, a consultant and guide for others in their ministries…the list goes on.


I find it freeing to realize my different callings. It lets me enter inot the different parts of my particular life story and know their value. This allows me to offer my whole self up, with “a singleness of heart.”


Leonard Freeman


Intelligent spirituality with liturgical roots is important to me. This book works on a number of levels and can be uplifting Lenten reading or contemplative reading at any time. The writers provide a conversation that is meaningful and that helps the reader process life in a genuine and kindly manner with self-respect. It also moves the reader to a deeper relationship in faith and offers a pathway of the heart and soul that is supportive and uplifting.

“Just IMHO,” Amazon Review

Reading Bible Women is an opportunity to get re-acquainted with not only the stories of biblical woman, but also an opportunity to reflect anew on their words and actions. Included here are some of the most familiar biblical women and, importantly, some of those not frequently the focus of study but introduced here with devotion and respect. An excellent resource for individual and group prayer and reflection.

(The Rev. Dr.) Sheryl A Kujawa-Holbrook, Dean of the Faculty, Professor of Practical Theology and Religious Education, Claremont School of Theology, Claremont, California

Frankly, I loved this book. After my study is over, I hope to use the book for some personal devotional time. It’s easy to read, with the information in clear, digestable chunks. The scholarship is well done and accessible.

Pastor Julia Seymour, Big Timber Luther Church, Big Timber, Montana, Book Reviewer, RevGalPals

Author and visionary Lindsay Hardin Freeman brings us another great leap forward in comprehension of the realities of the female presentations in the Bible.  Her diligent analysis of every line uttered by women in scripture delivers startling insights never before analyzed, nor understood, as parts of a deeper message regarding the female half of the human species.  This gender, as we all know, is in desperate need of a healthier level of interaction and with Bible Women: All Their Words and Why They Matter, Lindsay Hardin Freeman offers us hope for a fresh platform of progress.

Barbara Forster, Human rights activist

In Bible Women: All Their Words and Why They Matter, Lindsay Hardin Freeman brings to light an entirely new and in-depth understanding of the often unrecognized contribution women made in the overall biblical narrative. Freeman’s very adept biblical scholarship provides what I believe to be groundbreaking work in providing greater awareness and appreciation of the importance Bible women play in our sacred story.

The Rt. Rev. Brian N. Prior, Assisting bishop, Diocese of Olympia

This book is truly a must-own resource for anyone interested in the women in the Bible. I love how it is laid out, making it easy to reference different women. Overall the thoughts, questions, and isolation of speaking text are all remarkably well-done…

Mother of Four, Amazon Review