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ARTICLE: Gather Magazine

The Women of Advent:
Drawing strength from
our spiritual grandmothers

How might we learn from our mothers and grandmothers in the faith? Hannah, Mary, Elizabeth, Anna…

ARTICLE: Anglican Communion News Service

Gold Medal
Awarded to Bible
Women Book

“The stories and words of the women of the Bible are captivating, challenging and compelling.”

ARTICLE: National Episcopal Church Women

A Seven-Month
Bible study of
Bible Women

Conversation and study drawing from Bible Women: All Their Words & Why They Matter

ARTICLE: Huffington Post

This is how many
words are spoken by
women in the Bible

Research provides groundbreaking insights on Bible women

ARTICLE: The Christian Century

In War,
the Healing Voice
of a Girl

Learn how an enslaved girl became a mighty evangelist

ARTICLE: The Christian Century


When we too have turned to dust, we will not be abandoned

ARTICLE: The National Altar Guild Association


“Jesus talked to her—a skeptical, cynical and sarcastic woman—longer than anyone else in the Bible. That gives us all hope for the future.”

ARTICLE: The Living Church

Treasure the Pearls:
Laughter, tears, and
stomach upsets

We laughed over some of the stories, cried over others, and felt sick to our stomachs over the brutality encountered by some of the women in the Bible.”

ARTICLE: Star Tribune

Minnesota church women
count words in Bible
spoken by women

Pioneering research on Bible women makes front page news

ARTICLE: The Junia Project

Six Great
Studies of Women
in the Bible

“In this amazing book, Lindsay Hardin Freeman identifies every woman (YES, EVERY WOMAN) who speaks in the Bible: their words, context and historical background.”

ARTICLE: Minneapolis Star Tribune

Wife or no wife,
Jesus honored

Let’s recognize how women had a central role in his life