Hello! I’ve been off the grid a bit this summer, spending time with my sons, now young men, and my wonderful husband.

My newest book is out, The Spy on Noah’s Ark and other Bible Stories from the Inside Out, published by Forward Movement at www.forwardmovement.org When a book comes out, it’s some intense work up front. But it’s all for the good, and I am thankful for a great publisher.

The Spy is for children 7 — 12 and their parents, godparents and grandparents and is written in the same style as The Scarlet Cord: first person. Or, in this case, first animal, insect, bird, mountain, what have you.

The title character is one of the two doves on Noah’s ark. Only this just isn’t any bird. This bird is working for the FBI — the Federal Birds of Investigation — and tells the story of what life was like on the ark. There’s other characters, too — ones that haven’t had a real voice in scripture for thousands of years.

I hope you will have a look. You can see more on the Forward Movement website (www.forwardmovement.org) and order a copy there. If you’d like a signed copy, just contact me here: [email protected] and I’ll let you know the details. Blessings!