Wisdom Found: Stories of Women Transfigured by Faith

Wisdom Found

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Enter into the company of forty spirited women who share their reflections on everyday challenges, deep sorrows, and transcendent joys. Here you will find the courage to walk more deeply into your own search for God, knowing that sisters in faith hold you up with their every breath.

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Excerpt from Wisdom Found
Ribs Cracked, Nose Broken
In the midst of the probationary months after my adolescent son’s arrest he lived for a short time with his father across town. One morning they had an argument, and his father beat him savagely. My son’s face was bloody, his nose was broken, ribs cracked, bones bruised.

Apart froma child’s untimely death, it was this mother’s worst nightmare.

I sat by his emergency room bed crushed, wishing he were small enough to cradle tenderly…I knew those many years ago that this man was dangerous. Why did I let my son go there? Anonymous

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