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Zipporah: Saving Moses from a murderous God

Throughout history, especially on dark nights, women have protected and nurtured their own: nursing, loving, comforting, or fighting off intruders. Deep in the pages of Exodus, a mysterious story picks up on that same theme, but is a narrative unlike

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Finally, a Bible for Women

Book Review, Common English Women’s Bible by Lindsay Hardin Freeman Jewish tradition offers a dynamic tool for interpreting the Bible: black fire and white fire. The words themselves are black fire, handed down from generation to generation. White fire is

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Huldah: Prophet, Truth-Teller, 1st Authorizer of Scripture

Don’t know about you, but I’m tired of women being passed over, especially those who stand up and tell the truth, whether it be at the workplace, in our communities, or at home. And there’s many women in the Bible

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The Daughters of Zelophehad: United We Stand

Political divisions. Strife. Grief. Unfortunately, all seem common these days. On this election day, I hope our country begins to heal. Sadly, it will take time. But there’s much to be said for the theme, “United we stand, divided we

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Achsah: Ask for what you need

One of my great-grandmothers was named Achsah Jane Curry. I don’t know much more about her than this: she was Scotch-Irish, blind, and smoked a corn cob pipe (or so it says on the back of an old family picture).

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First in the Bible to Exercise Civil Disobedience

Part 1: Women at Work… Have you ever taken a stand that might have resulted in you being demoted, fired, or even killed? Have you ever had a directive from the top that would have torn at your conscience had you

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The Woman Who Ate Her Son

Last in the series: “Women and War” Sometimes there are stories in your mind and heart that will not go away—and this is one. The biblical narrative of the woman who ate her son turned the stomachs of our research group

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Suddenly and unprepared

I come to this week with a heavy heart. My lifelong friend Michelle died two weeks ago, unexpectedly and without warning. In the Great Litany (1549), Thomas Cranmer prays that we might be saved from dying “suddenly and unprepared.” Michelle

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Women and war in King David’s backyard

Women and War 4 War: it can happen anywhere, sneaking across what seem like safe borders, often on a moment’s notice. Whether domestic or international, its effects shock us. We are never the same, for women often bear terrible side

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Murder by Tent Peg

Women and War 3 Although rarely discussed, the story of Jael in the Book of Judges presents an extraordinary moment: A solitary woman commits murder in her own tent —and puts an exclamation point on a battle full of intrigue and

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