Yesterday I sat at a table in a garden store, Otten Brothers of Long Lake ( as part of a town-wide art exhibition* and signed some books and generally talked about The Scarlet Cord. WiFi didn’t work there, so during quiet moments, I just reflected on the beautiful, warm sun-lit room, realized how good it felt to be surrounded by plants, and enjoyed the work of an artist across the aisle. It was a great respite, actually. My head is buried in my computer too often. Signing books can be fun…if people come (if they don’t, it’s a complete downer so it all balances out). But this book is not really mine. It belongs to the twelve biblical women who are telling THEIR stories. They’ve waited a long time. They were with me yesterday, and will be again today as I once again sit behind the table. I am grateful for their presence…and for people who come to book signings!