Sarah, in her early ‘90s, holding son Isaac.

from today’s Forward Day by Day meditations
Matthew 20:26, 28. Whoever wishes to be great among you must be your servant…just as the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve.

I admit it. This reflection is a tribute, a tribute to older women in their seventies and eighties who are often the backbone of church life.

I think of Rose, a woman in Boston who made St. Paul’s Cathedral smell like Thanksgiving Day every Monday with her ever-expanding soup kitchen.

I think of Bev, a lifetime altar guild member who knew the Easter drill like her ABCs, but who said to the interim rector, “Whatever you want to do will be just fine.” And meant it.

I think of Harriett, age ninety, who attends plays at various theaters when members of the high school youth group are performing. Once, when told there might be swearing, she said, “Well, I certainly hope so!”

And then there is Nancy, who lost her grandchildren in a plane crash but volunteers hours upon hours in outreach activities.
Sarah, in biblical times, gave birth to Isaac while in her nineties. She laughed upon hearing the news.

Blessed are those who grow older, stronger, wiser, who bless us with holy laughter and remain servants of Christ.