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Elizabeth: About time we gave her some credit

Today, June 24, is the day that we celebrate John the Baptist on our church calendar. But what about his mother, Elizabeth? A woman of joy and deep faith, she was instrumental in helping Mary through her fears — and

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Elizabeth: Pull up a chair and tell me everything

Unlike most of the world, God does not throw away old people. Nor does God assign women to lesser or unimportant roles. A robust example of being valued–as a woman and an old person–is found in Luke 1. Here, the classic story

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Samson’s Mother: The Mystery Woman of Advent

Samson’s mother’s story (Judges 13) Why is Samson’s mother the mystery woman of Advent? Because, like Elizabeth and Mary, she was the mother of a son whose birth was announced by God. Both she and Elizabeth were mothers of “nazarites:”

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Elizabeth…and the First Christological Confession of Faith

Elizabeth’s story (Read Luke 1) We hear a great deal about Jesus this time of year. But Advent is about preparing the way for Jesus, and no one did that better than John the Baptist this time of year–and it

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Bible Women: Bright Lights in the Freezing Darkness

Bible women suffer horrible loss, and at times are like pawns moved around on a patriarchal chess board, but they remain bright lights in sacred history. Ever wonder what it was like for women in biblical times? We know this

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