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She showed up. Like women do.

“Jesus died and rose from the dead.” While not exactly a ho-hum expression, we often take it for granted. Think then, of the resurrection from another angle: What if no one had been there when Jesus walked out of that tomb? Would

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The Samaritan Woman: Hip-checking Jesus

You don’t expect it to happen at “Gentle Yoga,” of all places. But the other day, as I was standing in line at the YMCA, mat in hand, a white-haired woman in sweatpants, built like a truck, walked up to

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Lydia: The Woman of Purple Cloth

It seems that the world has been filled with purple this week in memory of Prince…but for those of us who love stories of women in the Bible, the color purple also belongs to Lydia. And Lydia comes up this

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Martha of Bethany: Finding the Main Course

Why does Martha of Bethany have such a bad reputation? Because she’s so organized? Because she complained to Jesus? (I like that about her; it takes some chops to complain to The Guy.) Here’s the well-known part of her story

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Pontius Pilate’s Wife: “Listen to Me!”

My goodness. Dreams in scripture are a big deal. They’re all over the place in the Old and New Testaments…twenty-one of them to be exact,* not including various visions…and only one is reported by a woman. The woman is, of

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Mary, Mary…NOT Contrary

This Saturday, on August 15th, Christians around the world will celebrate the life and witness of Mary. What do we know about her? Why does she matter? She is Jesus’ mother. Everything we know about her springs from that relationship.

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Women of Lent 2: Mary of Bethany

Sensual. Tender. Loving. Discerning. Clearly Mary of Bethany was Jesus’ soulmate. How else might we describe a woman who sits at Jesus’ feet, listens carefully to his every word, pours expensive oil over said feet, then dries them with her

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Salome: The Most Hidden Woman in the Gospels

There was a hidden woman in last Sunday’s readings, one who dances through three of the four gospels (Matthew, Mark and John), and one who challenges us to link the dots to connect her story. She’s behind the scenes, probably at

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The 2014 Top 10 Coolest Bible Women Awards

Movie stars have the Oscar awards, world leaders the Nobel prizes, TV the Emmy awards…and now, possibly for the first time in world history (okay, that’s probably a stretch)…are the 2014 Top 10 Coolest Bible Women awards! Totally subjective, but here

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