Bible Women: Ever Upward

Brigid and Patrick: The Real Thing


Patrick Trying in vain to find a comfortable spot, Patrick leaned back against the sharp rocks for what seemed the thousandth time. Cold and jagged, they reminded him of how much he missed his bed at home, and how long

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The Samaritan Woman: Hip-checking Jesus


You don’t expect it to happen at “Gentle Yoga,” of all places. But the other day, as I was standing in line at the YMCA, mat in hand, a white-haired woman in sweatpants, built like a truck, walked up to

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Celebrating Perpetua: A Mother of the Faith

for Perpetua

Bible women aren’t the only heroic women in our life of faith. Today, March 7, we celebrate Perpetua, a young mother who gave up her life rather than deny her love for Christ. Her story reminds me of brave women

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I have faith because they had faith

angel by barbara dundon

This is a tough time for many in the country, me included. My heart and soul grieve deeply the change of both leadership and mood in this country. And part of my sadness comes from the deep divisions found not

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Zipporah: Saving Moses from a murderous God

scary guy

Throughout history, especially on dark nights, women have protected and nurtured their own: nursing, loving, comforting, or fighting off intruders. Deep in the pages of Exodus, a mysterious story picks up on that same theme, but is a narrative unlike

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Finally, a Bible for Women


Book Review, Common English Women’s Bible by Lindsay Hardin Freeman Jewish tradition offers a dynamic tool for interpreting the Bible: black fire and white fire. The words themselves are black fire, handed down from generation to generation. White fire is

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Huldah: Prophet, Truth-Teller, 1st Authorizer of Scripture

late fall in MN

Don’t know about you, but I’m tired of women being passed over, especially those who stand up and tell the truth, whether it be at the workplace, in our communities, or at home. And there’s many women in the Bible

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The Daughters of Zelophehad: United We Stand

Adam estrem photo sunset covenant pines bible camp

Political divisions. Strife. Grief. Unfortunately, all seem common these days. On this election day, I hope our country begins to heal. Sadly, it will take time. But there’s much to be said for the theme, “United we stand, divided we

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The Witch of Endor: Hospitality at its finest

Blooming rose - Hanley

Cut-out witches are everywhere this time of year. You see them carved into pumpkins, stuck into trees. But deep in the pages of the Hebrew Bible, about the year 1007 BC, is the story of a real witch—a woman who

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Achsah: Ask for what you need

Camel Scott Gunn

One of my great-grandmothers was named Achsah Jane Curry. I don’t know much more about her than this: she was Scotch-Irish, blind, and smoked a corn cob pipe (or so it says on the back of an old family picture).

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