Wonderful illustrations and thoughtful writing on saints in the Episcopal church. My young children are enjoying this book and there are questions to build on for older children. I love that the lives of the saints are becoming familiar to my kids!

Whitney Robins, Amazon Review

Meet the Saints: Family Storybook

This compilation is part of the Forward Movement’s Living Discipleships series: an all-ages curriculum to encourage readers to follow Jesus more fully in the company of fellow disciples. Using this full-color version of the Meet the Saints: Family Storybook, families can together unveil how Christ’s light has shone brightly in the lives of men and women throughout the centuries. Learn more about the monks, missionaries, prophets, doctors, evangelists, and their Christian witness.


This delightful book provides twenty-four stories of saints for families to read together, colorful child-friendly illustrations, thoughtful questions for family conversations, prayers to pray together, and coloring pages for children to enjoy.


Lindsay Hardin Freeman, Melody Wilson Shobe, Daniel Dufford.


This book is well put together, and kids of many different ages could use it productively. The content is excellent. We’re going to use it for family study around All Saints’ Day, and I can already tell it will work extremely well.

Jack Smathers, Amazon Review

I used this as a jumping off point in a teenage Sunday School class to engage them in research of Episcopal Saints for presentation to the church.

Jennifer, Amazon Review