Today’s Forward Day by Day meditation, in which I highlight the only full mother-daughter conversation in the Bible

Matthew 14:8. Prompted by her mother, [Salome] said, “Give me the head of John the Baptist here on a platter.”

And so it was done: John the Baptist—the holy and rugged prophet who had so eloquently announced the coming of Jesus—was forever and brutally silenced.

Jealousy, murder, rage.

Herod had taken Herodias as his wife. But she was already married to Philip, Herod’s brother. While the country seems to have remained silent, John the Baptist spoke up, saying, “It is not lawful for you to have her.” John was jailed as a result.

Then the night of dancing: the beautiful child Salome—evocative, lovely. Herod is so pleased he will give her whatever she wants. “Tell him you want the head of John the Baptist!” says Herodias. The sword is the result.

Ironically, this short conversation (further detailed in Mark 6) is the only one-on-one dialogue between a mother and daughter in the entire Bible—and remains a chilling te
May we always lift high what is good and holy for those we love, knowing that our words and actions have the power to reverberate for generations.

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