Okay…the website for this book is up and running. It took me three months to learn how to do it, but thanks to the guys in their ‘30s at the Apple store — Gabe and Joel and the rest — we’re off and rolling. Doing it this way took longer than paying someone to do it, but I wanted to learn. And I did. Every time I left the store, I realized it had been a workout, even though it was mental instead of physical. And it felt great.

That sense of wanting to do things by oneself runs strong through the women in the Bible, and they are our inspiration. Most of them are in there because they figured out a way to do things on their own, whether it be solving problems (check out Ruth and Mary Magdalene); arranging pregnancies (Sarah and Tamar); fighting wars (Deborah and Jael); or just enjoying life (prime example: the woman in the Song of Songs).

I am grateful to them, and I’m also aware they’ve received far too little credit for being shrewd and practical and brave and loving. That’s part of what this book is about — helping give them the credit they deserve. Not that they care. But I do.