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Vashti, Esther and Dr. Ford

Hildegard of Bingen once said, “Secrets make us sick.” For that reason, I’m glad that Dr. Christine Blasey Ford is speaking publicly. No longer will she hold in what she remembers as a terrifying incident. This Sunday, Esther’s story will

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Sapphira: Say it ain’t so

Ah, Sapphira…Sapphira…your story causes me grief, even after all these years. It’s all about telling the truth. Your husband lied. But you didn’t have to. You could have spoken up, done the right thing–and lived. Sometimes Bible stories are harsh, and

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Esther: A True Hero of the Faith

A well-beloved ambassador arrives in many churches throughout the country this Sunday via the RCL (Track #1) lectionary: Esther. The inspiration for the Jewish feast of Purim, she is one of only a handful of biblical women who  regularly crosses the

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The Ten Bible Women Who Spoke the Most

Who were the ten women who said the most in the Bible? Counting down… #10 Rebekah. 293 words. Just a girl when she leaves home to marry a man sight unseen…and, twenty years later, gives birth to two troublesome boys, Esau and Jacob.

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The 5 Women Who Speak Most in the Bible

After four years of research, and studying every page of the Bible, we can identify ninety-three specific woman in the Bible who spoke. Some of those are individuals (seventy-eight spoke individually), and the rest are in groups. Many faith communities

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