UnknownAfter four years of research, and studying every page of the Bible, we can identify ninety-three specific woman in the Bible who spoke. Some of those are individuals (seventy-eight spoke individually), and the rest are in groups.

Many faith communities are bigger. Most schools are bigger.  A group that size would not fill the seats in the United States Senate. A group that size could fit in a large bus, a train car or two, or fill only about 20 percent of the seats in the House of Representatives.

But biblical power lies in small groups. Think of the disciples. Think of the power of the women at the tomb. Think of Moses and his group of seventy elders. Think of Mary and Martha of Bethany. All important, all key to God’s work.

And now, think of the powerful core of 93 women whose words are recorded in the Bible, some of whom will always remain unnamed. From that group, here are the five women who spoke the most.

1)  Judith: A widow, a warrior, a woman of faith. 2689 words

2)  The Woman in the Song of Songs: A woman determined to find her lover and who exalts in their love. 1425 words

3)  Esther: A queen, a diplomat, a hero. 1207 words

4)  The mother of seven sons: A widow who watched her sons die horrific deaths from torture but would not deny her faith. 616 words.

5)  Hannah. A woman who negotiated with God for a child, and God granted her request. 474 words

All worth knowing. All worth studying. All beloved daughters of God, whom this writer believes, must have made God very proud, indeed.